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Hostel Facilities


2nd list of hostel allotment

Allotment at Jawahar Lal Nehru Boys international Hostel

Notice for Hostel allotment.2021-22


University has following hostels for boys and girls -

  • AMHR  Girls Hostel
  • Annemarie Schimmel Girls Hostel
  • Ibn-e-Sina Girls Hostel
  • Porta Cabin Dormitory for Girls
  • Ibn-e-Batuta (PG) Boys Hostel
  • Jawaharlal Nehru International Boys Hostel (for Foreign/NRI students).

The following types of rooms are available at Jamia Hamdard Hostels -

  • Single seater AC Rooms
  • Double seater AC Rooms
  • Double/Triple seater Non-AC Rooms
  • Dormitories

In view of limited hostel accommodations, the students should note that their admission to University does not guarantee allotment of hostel accommodation. Annual hostel charges are payable in advance at the time of allotment. It will be incumbent upon the student admitted to the hostel to join the mess and pay mess charges for three months in advance at the rates prescribed from time to time. Mess charges may be revised at any time due to escalation in the prices of food items. The Hostel mess will be managed on co-operative basis under the supervision of hostel authorities, on no profit-no loss basis. The University will provide infrastructural facilities and the manpower required to operate the mess. Availing of the Mess will be compulsory for the allottees of Jamia Hamdard Hostels. The students admitted to the hostel are entitled to stay in the hostel during the academic session only and are required to vacate the rooms during the summer vacations for maintenance work. Washing clothes inside the hostel premises is not allowed. University has made arrangement of mechanical laundry for washing clothes per month for hostel inmates at a nominal rate. The Hostel inmates will be required to comply with the rules and regulations as per ‘Jamia Hamdard Hostel Bye-laws”. Due to acute shortage of hostel accommodation it will not be possible at present to provide hostel accommodation to all the students.

It may also be noted that married students who intend to stay with their family should make their own arrangements outside the campus. University does not provide family Hostel accommodation.