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Back-Up Solution for JH Data Centre


Jamia Hamdard is using VMware Cluster with 5 Nodes and 2 Nodes for internal Applications, DB, Web Portals, Domain Controllers File Servers etc. (approx. 50 VMs) which need to protect by the backup solution.

Jamia Hamdard seeking the Backup solution to take the backup of the Running VMs, database, Applications and Data of their VMware VMs Infra.

Jamia is looking for Backup for VMs with database with one copy Disk and other copy on Secondary Storage on another location. Current Raw data size is 45 TB.

Vendor Need to Factor Backup Server /VM Cost, Storage appliance and Secondary Storage with Implementation services and Support.

Addressed to


HNF-HECA, IT Committee

Computer Centre, Jamia Hamdard

Hamdard Nagar

New Delhi-110062.

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