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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

About the School

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies promotes education and research in interdisciplinary sciences. The School provides opportunities to researchers and academicians having specific expertise to cross the boundaries of their respective subject areas and think across them. It encourages researchers to pool their approaches and modify them so that they are better suited to the problems at hand. The school is currently offering M.Tech. in Food Technology and PhD in Bio-informatics, Chemo-informatics and Food & Fermentation Technology. The Department of Food Technology in the school received a substantial grant of Rs. 75 lakhs in 2010 from Ministry of Food Processing Industries to strengthen the laboratories and infrastructure of the Department as the demand of professionals and trained personnel in the food industry as well as in research and development in government and industrial set-up is immense.

Courses Offered

  • M.Sc.Biomedical sciences
  • M.Sc. Medical Virology
  • M.Tech (Food Technology)
  • PhD (Bioinformatics)
  • PhD (Chemoinformatics)
  • PhD (Food and Fermentation Technology)
  • B. Tech Food Technology