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Established in 2021, Hamdard Institute of International Studies is dedicated to promote advance studies in the critical areas of international studies and comparative politics.


To emerge as centre of eminence on International Studies.


  • To promote multidisciplinary studies on the contemporary challenges of global order.
  • To offer advance specialization in comparative politics.
  • To promote studies on the new components of national and international power.
  • To promote regional studies, strategic to India’s global interests.
  • To promote area studies on West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and North America

Areas of Advance Studies and Research

  • · Comparative Politics
  • · Great Power Politics
  • · History of International Politics
  • · South Asian Studies
  • · India’s Foreign Policy
  • · Globalization and Global Governance
  • · Peace and Conflict Studies
  • · United Nations
  • · Regional and Security Organizations
  • · International Law and International Security
  • · Regional Politics including West Asia and Africa
  • · International Political Economy

Post Graduate Course

M.A. International Studies

M.A. in International Studies is a full-time two-year Master’s degree programme. We promote multidisciplinary studies of the thrust areas as mentioned above.


  1. 1.      Academic Staff


Prof. Syeedun Nisa, Professor & Director

Dr. Ariba Jalal, Assistant Professor

Dr. Masih Ullah Khan, Assistant Professor