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Students Grievance Redressal Committee


The main objective of the Students Grievance Redressal Committee is to provide opportunities for redress of grievances of students already enrolled in an institution, as well as those seeking admission to an institution and to adopt a mechanism to ensure timely redressal of grievances.

Jamia Hamdard has a duly constituted Institutional Students Grievance Redressal Committee (ISGRC) as per the requirements of UGC (Redress of Grievances of Students) Regulations 2019. The function of the committees is to look into the complaints lodged by any student, and judge its merit.

School Grievance Redressal Committees (SSGRC) have also been created as mandated by the Regulations. Dean of the School is the Chairperson of the SSGRC. Students are encouraged to approach SSGRC for the speedy resolution of their grievances.


Office Order Student Grievance Cell

Link to Students Grievance Redressal Form:


 ISGRC order




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