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chairman-imageHamid Ahmed

CEO - Hamdard Laboratories India (Foods Div.) Secretary – Hamdard National Foundation India (HECA) Gen. Secretary – Business and Employment Bureau President – Unani Drugs Manufacturers Association (UDMA)

Hamid Ahmed born in New Delhi, India in 1977 did schooling from St. Columba’s School New Delhi. In 1998 completed B.A. (Eco.) from Delhi University. He took over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hamdard Laboratories India (HLI) in 2016, holding reins of the organisation he joined in 2000. He started his career as a director in 2000 after getting his M.B.A. from London, U.K. He was appointed as a director by his grandfather and the founder of Hamdard Mr. Hakeem Abdul Hameed in 1995. With his dynamic spirit and leadership abilities, he soon became the CEO of HLI, a professional with valuable experience to steer the company ahead in its growth plans. Spanning a career of over 20 years experience, he has travelled widely across India and abroad and handled diverse portfolios that have helped him understand the dynamics of Unani trends in the market. He is well-versed in the intricacies of India's regional diversities and consumer needs. He lives in Delhi with his family which includes his wife and two sons. And whenever he gets a break from his official responsibilities, he likes to spend some time at home with his family. He likes to travel.