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Dear NASI Fellows,


Advances in DNA sequencing and other high-throughput technologies along with a steep drop in DNA sequencing cost have enabled government agencies to fund research towards generation of large volumes of biological data in various sectors of Biosciences. Towards this, two major urgent needs got highlighted (i) to have a National Biological Data Centre and. (ii) to have a National Policy which will guide on biological data collection, storage, access and sharing.


DBT had prepared Zero Draft on ‘Biological Data Storage, Access and Sharing Policy of India (BDSASP)’ aiming at broad research use of biological data that enhances public benefits by facilitating speedy discoveries in biosciences directly associated with human being. The Zero Draft was thoroughly discussed by the Advisory Committee constituted by DBT which had representation of the concerned government agencies and domain experts. Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Adviser, representative of DST is a member of Advisory Committee. The present revised document ‘Draft 1’ is thus prepared based on the consultations done so far.


This department invites comments on ‘Biological Data Storage, Access and Sharing Policy of India’ from all the stakeholders- government agencies, institutions, industry/researchers engaged in research & development in Biological Sciences.


Public opinion

Draft 1 - Biological Data Policy