Centre for Clinical and Translational Research

The Centre for Translational & Clinical Research was has been in existence since 2009 as a Department of Clinical Research. In 2012 it was transformed as Centre and component of Translational Research’ was also incorporated in its activities. The Centre imparts theoretical and practical training in all aspects of clinical research. It provides opportunity to individuals desirous of pursuing a career in expanding healthcare sector in India and abroad. According to industry sources, the clinical research industry in India will require more than 35000 new professionals in the coming few years. With domestic pharma industry surging ahead in India, global pharma moving more and more clinical trials to their Indian subsidiaries, and home grown contract research organization (CROs) growing day by day, the demand for clinical research professionals is expected to grow exponentially. Moreover, personnel involved in clinical research needs training in Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and ethics. The Centre offers a study programme of MSc in Clinical Research which takes care of all these aspects. The study programme is comprehensive based on both course work and research experience. It is broad-based multi-disciplinary study programme to prepare professionals in clinical research with training in the principles and methods of clinical research, clinical trials, epidemiology, health economics, biostatistics, bioethics, GCP and application of these principles to clinical research. The Department has established collaboration with Ranbaxy Laboratory Ltd., Max Health Care Institute Ltd., New Delhi and other leading clinical research organizations for practical training of the students. The Centre also organizes communication skills workshop for the students to train them in writing and presenting research data, clinical reports, grant applications and case study reports. Faculty includes internal faculty and faculty from industry and other academic institutions. There a wet laboratory for behavioural and biochemical studies.

Regular Seminars and Workshop on relevant and contemporary topics are organized in collaboration with industry. Students participate in these events enthusiastically. These events provide them opportunity to meet professionals from industry and get an exposure to latest development in the field of clinical research. Few programmes organized by Centre are listed below.

  • “Workshop on GCP and Clinical Trial Methodology” organized in collaboration with Clinifora and Catalyst Clinical Services (February 25, 2012)
  • “Workshop on Recent Changes in Regulatory Scenario of India with Respect to Clinical Trials” in collaboration with Auriga Research (April 10, 2013).
  • “Symposium on Contemporary Regulatory Scenario in Pharmacovigilance” sponsored by UGC (March 5, 2014).
  • “Evolving trends in safety regulations for cosmetics in India” Organized in collaboration with Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS),Society of Toxicology (STOX) and Indian Beauty and Hygiene Association (IBHA) (May 26, 2014).
  • “Workshop on Effective Soft Skills for Clinical Research” in collaboration with Harison’s Tech Consultants (April 9, 2015).