The major area of research is chemoprevention of diseases by plant products and unani medicines. Targeting the molecular mechanism and elucidation of their plausible role in the induction of carcinogenesis of different sites, in vitro and in vivo at preclinical stage. Plant derived nano particles for prevention of brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Cerebral ischemia. Role of environmental pollutants in ecotoxicology and immunotoxicology. Mechanism of Plant products in the prevention of toxicity of anti-cancer drugs and importance of trace elements in the manifestation of diseases. The department has also taken the task of standardization of unani drugs. The basic mission of the department is to provide international quality education of Toxicology at post graduate and doctoral level and particularly promote study and research of herbal drugs and train our students for the placement at national and international level. The department has generated enough funds from DST,DBT,ICMR,CSIR,AYUSH to carry out the research in different fields of Toxicology. The department of Medical Elementology & Toxicology is UGC-SAP-II and DST-FIST sponsored department. Our laboratories have enough potential to cater the consultancy programme to evaluate mutagenic hazards associated with drugs and chemicals, risk assessment and to evaluate air water and soil pollution. Evaluation of drugs for mutagenicity which is the prerequisite for new drug development. This will be a revenue generation activity as well.