Department of Chemistry


School of Chemical and Life Sciences



1. Introduction


The Department of Chemistry is well known for its excellence in teaching and research. The mission of the Department is to provide knowledge in Chemistry that offers opportunities for a comprehensive learning experience for students. The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Chemistry under the new education policy as well as research guidance to Ph.D. and Post-doctoral students.


The curriculum of the postgraduate program is an outcome of a continued, collective and collaborative effort with a vision to develop an innovative, responsive, inclusive, flexible, and dynamic curriculum in tune with the global educational needs of the 21st century and the national education policy 2020. Our curricular structure, courses, pedagogy, and assessment caters to the development of diversified, integrated, interdisciplinary skills as well as the inculcation of the values to survive in the highly competitive and skilled society.


Advanced level optional courses are also offered at the Ph.D level. Collaborative research programs with many research laboratories and research institutes in Delhi and outside India are also operating very successfully with mutual benefit. The Department has distinguished itself as a centre for innovative and pioneering research in a wide range of areas in chemistry interfacing with physical and biological science. Department has funding from the Ministry of AYUSH, WHO, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), University Grant Commission (UGC).


The students are assigned intensive project assignments on topics of current research interest and are exposed to sophisticated instrumental techniques. The exposure gives them an idea of high-quality research in their budding stage and by widening their knowledge horizons in range and depth shapes them into skilled graduates committed to integrity, professionalism, and lifelong learning. With a Wi-Fi facility in the department and hostel, the students have access to all the contemporary web sources including most of the research journals, books, search engines and relevant databases round the clock.


Students are prepared for competitive examinations including NET, GATE, etc. It enhances their accessibility to research institutions for doctoral and postdoctoral positions, as well as employability in reputed pharmaceutical companies like Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Jubilant Organosys, Glenmark, Wockhardt, Rexin, Indian Oil, and other allied industries in addition to placements in Universities and colleges for teaching positions. The department also offers a program in PG Diploma in Chemoinformatic under Open and Distance Learning Mode.


The faculty members with varied expertise are engaged in teaching and research and are highly reputed in their  areas of research as evident from their publications in peer-reviewed journals of high impact factor viz in American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Wiley Interscience, Elsevier, Springer Science group and Nature etc publication houses.



2. Vision and Mission


Vision: Department aspires to attain global recognition in chemistry education, research, and training for meeting the growing needs of industry and society.


Mission of the Department includes:


?      To make the department a growing centre of excellence in teaching, cutting-edge research, curriculum development, and popularizing Chemistry.

?      To impart education through a well-defined curriculum driven by the needs of the students, the mission of the institution, the standards of the discipline, and the needs of the partners.

?      To provide state-of-the-art research facilities to generate new knowledge and develop new technologies in the thrust areas of chemistry.

?      To develop linkages and collaborations in order to strengthen industry-academia relations for mutual benefit and address problems of societal importance

?      To outreach in the form of books, online courses, and other Chemistry education activities showcasing Chemistry's role as a central science.


3. Academic Programmes


?      B.Sc (Hons.) with Research in Chemistry

?      M.Sc Chemistry

?      Ph.D Chemistry


4. Faculty Members

?      Dr. M. Sarwar Alam, Professor & Head

?      Dr. Kalim Javed, Professor

?      Dr. Hinna Hamid, Associate Professor

?      Dr. Mohd. Samim, Associate Professor

?      Dr. Syed Shafi, Assistant Professor

?      Dr. Kamla Rawat, Assistant Professor

?      Dr. Imran A Khan, Assistant Professor

?      Dr. Najmul Hasan, Assistant Professor


5. Infrastructure


All classrooms in the department are ICT-enabled and air-conditioned.


There are separate laboratories for PG/UG students and research scholars.


The curriculum is periodically revised almost every three years by the Board of Studies of the Department and audited.


The syllabus is aligned with the students’ and societal needs. Hands-on training is provided in contemporary areas to prepare students to take jobs or research in cutting-edge areas. A fine balance in classroom teaching and hands-on experimental training is maintained in the department.


Some of the equipment and facilities in labs and at the Department Instrumentation Facility include:


?      Conductivity Meters

?      Centrifuges

?      Deep Freezer/ Lyophilizer

?      Flash Chromatograph

?      FT-IR(Alpha-E)

?      Gas Chromatograph with Dual Flame Ionization Detector

?      PARR-Hydrogenation Apparatus

?      Hot Air Oven-Digital

?      Hot Air Oven

?      Heating Mantles

?      HPLC

?      Ice Flaking Machines

?      Incubators

?      Laser Doppler Blood (Dual Channel) Flow Meter

?      Karl Fischer Titration (Scientific System)

?      Magnetic Stirrers

?      Mechanical Stirrer with speed regulator

?      Melting Point Apparatus (Digital)

?      Melting Point Apparatus (Manual)

?      Microscopes

?      Muffle Furnance

?      Nitrogen Gas Cylinder with two stage gas regulators

?      Potentiometer

?      Polarimeters

?      pH meters

?      Rota Evaporators

?      Reprostar3

?      UV-VIS-Single Beam 1240

?      UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

?      Ultrasonicator

?      Vacuum Pumps

?      Oil-Free Piston

?      Water Baths


6. Research Areas


?      Medicinal Chemistry

?      Natural Products Chemistry and Natural Products inspired pharmacophore development.

?      Anti-cancer agents and anti-inflammatory agents.

?      Anti-Hyperglycemic agents.

?      Anti-Microbial agents (anti-tubercular, anti-leishmanial etc.)

?      Nano-synthesis and drug delivery.

?      Molecular machines in drug delivery systems.

?      Soft matter and chemistry of nano-bio interface.


7. Time Table (as single pdf file)

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8. Activities/Events/Awards


One-day workshop on chromatographic techniques was organized by the Department of Chemistry, SCLS, in Collaboration with Bonna-Agela Technologies (A Phenomenex Company)

Dated – 12th February 2018, Venue- Convention Centre, Jamia Hamdard


Introduction to the Seminar – A workshop on current advances in chromatographic techniques and their importance in compound identification and purification was conducted on 12th, February, 2018. The speakers addressed in depth the latest scientific and technological advances, emerging applications, critical processes, and challenges in the field of chromatography. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for those interested in chromatographic techniques to learn more about their applications to diverse areas. The purpose of the workshop was to provide hands-on training to share the practical knowledge of analytical chemistry and chromatographic techniques.


Topics covered included: Basics to Reverse Phase Chromatography, HPLC Method Development and optimization, Flash Chromatography, Applications, and Instrumentation.


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10. Forms to Download (if any)


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11. Syllabi


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       Attached (M.Sc Chemistry Old & New as pdf)


12. Contact Us


?      Prof. M.S Alam (HoD)             -           5555 (Extn.)

?      Prof. Kalim Javed                    -           5558 (Extn.)

?      Dr. Hinna Hamid                     -           5552 (Extn.)

?      Dr. M. Samim                          -           5557 (Extn.)

?      Dr. Syed Shafi                         -           5553 (Extn.)

?      Office of Department             -           5556 (Extn.)