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Welcome to Department of Munafeul Aza


Department of Manafeul Aza 


The Department of Manafeul Aza is one of the Departments of School of Unani Medical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard. This Department established in the year 1989, at present we have one well equipped Practical Laboratory for the Practical and Training purpose to the students of B.U.M.S 1st year.

Manafeul Aza (Human Physiology) is an Important and basic subject of Medical Science which has direct relation with Pathology, Medicine and Pharmacology, the sound knowledge of Physiology, helps in the diagnosis of the diseases.

Manafeul Aza being the fundamental subject and has an significant and elemental role in understanding of Unani theories. The functions of the human body are based on experimental result and Clinical Findings.




Department of Manafeul Aza is providing teaching and training in the Subject of Human Physiology to Unani Medical Students to help students to know the basic concept & knowledge of structure and functioning of different system in the body and also know all the common Clinical Conditions of deranged normal Physiology & to enable to solve simple Clinical Problems with the help of their knowledge in physiology.

Simultaneously, we are allowing the Students to have an insight into fundamental principles of Unani Human Physiology along with perspectives of modern physiology and to provide tools for extensive exchange of ideas through collaboration with other Unani and modern Medical colleges. 

The vision of our Department is to be recognized and distinguished as a specialized unit working in the field of Human Physiology for providing Teaching and Training for Unani Graduates.


Offer Undergraduate and seeking Postgraduate Research Degree Levels of highest standards. Benchmark its curricular framework, teaching practices, infrastructure and physical facilities with the best universities of the world. Collaborating with institutions of global repute in the areas of curricula development, students and faculty exchange, collaborative research and knowledge development.


Academic Program

            BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)


Faculty Members:

 1. Dr. Anwar Hussain Khan Associate Professor and Head of the Department

2. Dr. Shehla Nazir, Assistant Professor