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Welcome to Department of Mahiyatul Amraz



Department of Mahiyatul Amraz 

The Department of Mahiyatul Amraz is an important branch of Unani system of Medicine for its progression towards Rational Scientific basis.The objectives of establishment of this Department in the School of Unani Medical education and Research is to evolve and expedite conceptual and practical skills of the students in Mahiyat-ul-Amraz. The department renders quality teaching and training to the students and grants in depth knowledge with regard to the contemporary aspects of Mahiyatul Amraz and to how a disease develops, its integrated approach and identification on the basis of classical Unani principles.The application of current researches, modern techniques and laboratory equipments is intended to keep students updated about the new methods, practices and trends in pathology for diagnosis of diseases and for Scientific validation of Unani concepts and diagnostic methods of Pathology in order to make it evidence based and universally acceptable system of medicine. The faculty members of the Department are continuously engaged in academic activities and contributing to many National and International publications


The Vision of the department is to be well recognized globally for providing excellence in education, training, nurture and producing confident and experienced students and doctors in the field of Mahiyatul Amraz.



  • The misson of the department is to excel in learning pathological concepts and techniques in light of both classical Unani fundamentals and modern science.
  • Introduce postgraduate course in the department of Mahiyatul Amraz for further research and up-gradation. 
  • Development of novel diagnostic methods based on principles of Unani system of Medicine for the diagnosis of diseases through integrated approach.
  • Standardization of the classical Unani diagnostic tools & develop a facility of Microbiology laboratory.


Faculty Members 

1. Dr. Mohd. Maaz

Associate Professor and Head


2. Dr. Roohi Azam

Assistant Professor



The department has well equipped Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology) laboratory.