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Welcome to Department of Jarahiyat



Department of Jarahiyat (Surgery)


The department of Jarahiyat (surgery) is an undergraduate department which deals with the teaching of surgical aspects of Unani Medicine.  The department of jarahiyat will provide compassionate and quality patient care, to train future generation to make them capable to diagnose and treat surgical cases. The education portion contains two papers viz. Jarahiyat Umoomi (General Surgery) and Jarahiyat Khasoosi (Systemic Surgery). The practical training to the students is imparted in OPD, IPD and O.T of Majeedia Hospital besides posting in Govt. hospital / dispensaries i.e Hedgewar Hospital, Lal bahadur shastri Hospital etc. During internship the students are also posted in surgery OPD/IPD and Operation Theatre, under the supervision of the teachers of the department. For further enhancement their practical skill, they are also posted in different Hospitals and dispensaries of other states also as and when required.

The thirst area of the department is to cure diabetic foot, Non healing ulcer, Urolithiasis, Sciatic pain, Piles, Cervical spondylitis besides a number of surgical procedures.


The department is striving hard in pursuing newer scientific research by translating knowledge of classical texts into a novel and effective clinical treatment and to educate our students to continue these philosophies into integral.


  • The Jarahiyat is an integrated and important part of Unani System of Medicine and imparting education of surgery to the students of BUMS.
  • The department is focused on high quality academic and clinical training of Jarahiyat (Surgery) to the students.
  • The department is practicing a unique therapy known as regimenal therapy such as cupping, leeching and Venesection etc.
  • To provide safe, efficacious and cost effective treatment to the patients and to establish non invasive procedure in various surgical ailments.

Academic Programme :




Faculty Members:

1. Prof. S.M. Arif Zaidi

Professor and Head of Department



 2. Dr. Minhaj Ahmad

 Associate Professor

 Medical Superintendent, MUH


The department is equipped with Laboratory, faculty members room, departmental library, OPD/IPD facilities and O.T.


Evidence based clinical research like case studies and case series are the essential part of the department.


  • Organized Health camps in different parts of the city for awareness and treatment to needy people through Unani medicines in collaboration of Majeedia Unani Hospital.
  • Organized a CME on “Importance of radiology in COVID-19”organised by Department of Jarahiyat (Surgery), School of Unani Medical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard, held on 1st April 2021.
  • Organized International Webinar on “Evaluation of Temperament in Clinical Practice” in hybrid mode on Google Meet platform and YouTube channel by Department of Department of Jarahiyat (Surgery) in Collaboration with Ain Uzn Anaf wa Halaq (Eye & ENT) on 17 th March 2022.
  • Organized online lecture on “Exam stress strategies and healthy tips” in hybrid mode on Google Meet platform by Department of Ain Uzn Anaf wa Halaq (Eye & ENT) in Collaboration with Department of Jarahiyat (Surgery), SUMER, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi on 23 rd March 2022.