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Welcome to Department of Atfaal



Department of Ilmul Atfal 

Department of Ilmul Atfal (Pediatrics) is one of the undergraduate department of SUMER, The objective of the department is teaching of undergraduate students in pediatrics are to acquire knowledge and appropriate skills for optimally dealing with major health problems of children and to ensure their optimal growth and development. The course includes systematic instructions in growth and development, nutritional needs of a child, immunization schedules and management of common diseases of infancy and childhood. Preventive strategies for common infectious disorders, malnutrition, genetic and metabolic disorders, poisonings, accidents and child abuse. Outline national programmes relating to child health including immunization programs.



Working towards upgradation and advancement of Unani system of medicine through integration of science and technology in spheres of healthcare, education and research.

Working towards development of highest standards of clinical research and protocol development for scientific validation of Unani medicine.

Promotion, propagation positive perception of Unani medicine and contribution to the community through various outreach, mobile healthcare programs etc.


Aims to develop competent Unani physicians, academicians, and researchers who have a thorough understanding of the Unani system of medicine as well as the most up-to-date modern medical knowledge required for working in the country's medical and health-care services.

We are dedicated to developing top-tier professionals with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to excel in a variety of professional and cultural settings. We want to inculcate in the students a healthy cultural rootedness that blends the best of traditional values with modern and progressive sensibilities, while also providing them with all of the tools they need to succeed in the world.

To introduce post graduate course (MD) in Ilmul Atfal  and to take research initiatives in the  thrust area of the subject. e.g. specially dosages form to establish it as evidence-based medicine through integrated approach.


Faculty Members: 

Dr. Uzma Bano 

Associate Professor and Head of the Department