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Welcome to Department of Amraz-e-Niswan Wa Qabalat




The department of Amraz-e- Niswan wa Qabalat is an under graduate department of The School of Unani Medical Education and Research (SUMER). It caters the teaching of Amraz-e- Niswan wa Qabalat (Gynaecology and Obstetrics). Teaching Faculty is engaged in providing the consultancy in Majeedia Unani hospital in OPD and IPD. The department has established well-equipped diagnostic and therapeutic procedures facility for the management of various diseases. The procedures include Pap’s smear, HVS, Natool, AabzanHamool, Furzaja, Bakhoor, Takmeed, Hijamah, Amal-e-Kaiee (Cauterization), leeching, Mehbalinazarbeeni  and other Ilaj bit Tadbeer. The department also caters the practical training through various newer pedagogy, like with the help of Audio Visual aids, Demonstration through Simulators and Education Material/ Self Instructional Modules and Bed Side demonstration. The students are encouraged for hands on training on different diagnostic cum Therapeutics procedures in clinical lab. Evidence based clinical research is the essential part of the department.



Aim of the department of Amraz-e-Niswan wa Qabalat is to meet and participate in fulfilling the Vision of Jamia Hamdard. “To Provide integral quality higher education and undertake cutting edge research in the field of natural sciences and technology and social sciences and particularly promote study of modern and traditional specially Unani medicine systems compassing a holistic and integrative approach to health care and to meet societal education needs of underprivileged Indian communities” specially the women.



  1. We strive to provide ‘Unani Health care to all women’ through production of skilled Graduates with the best possible knowledge in the field of   Reproductive and Child Health and Maternal and Child Health (RCH & MCH)
  2. We strive to reflect the highest standard of Unani Health Care so tried to reach the society by integrative approach not only in academics but also provide health care at door step.
  3. We strive to provide awareness and sensitization through organizing outreach programmes like Free Health checkups, Preventive, Screening and Treatment camps.
  4. To render and educate the society (Students and society at large) through digital media for effective communication, training , management and online treatment to cope up at the time of any type of natural disaster through webinars and other training modules possible where the students along with other society members can participate.
  5. To Improve women’s and Child’s quality of life through holistic as well as integral approach and may contribute substantial role of Unani System in potentiating the National Health Policies and help achieve goal of WHO “Health for All”


After completing this Course, the students should be able to achieve the following Goals:-

  • Explain Analyse and understand the clinical presentations of various diseases, related to gynaecology and pregnancy, along with functional abnormalities of diseases as per the Unani medicine and modern contexts.
  • Apply Unani fundamental principles, skills as well as current medical knowledge, diagnostic tools and techniques for diagnosing, staging and prevention of diseases.
  • Evaluates and Assess  the clinical presentations of diseases of Female genital system on the basis of Unani and modern concepts.
  • Utilize the practical knowledge, to perform the deliveries, antenatal care, postnatal care, Colposcopy handling, surgical interventions related to the field. pathological knowledge to properly order and interpret hematologic and coagulation, urine tests, including CBC's, BT,CT,  LFT’s, KFT’s PT's, for the proper diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with hematologic, bleeding, and thrombotic disorders.
  • Developthe passion for higher studies of in the field of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, also develop the medical interview and physical exam & to provide culturally competent health care.


Academic Programmes



Faculty Members

 1. Prof. Suhail Fatima (Professor,HoD)

 2. Dr. SamanAnees (Assistant Professor)



Simulation/ Clinical Lab(OBG)/ Audio Visual facility for teaching(SUMER, Room No.14 with following facilities- Touch Pad, LCD Projector, Laptop Display screen .

a)     Labour Room- MUH, Room No. 18

b)     OBG- Procedure Room- MUH, Room No.17 for the hijamah ,nt along with CTG facility for Pregnant Patients.

c)     OPD- OBG, in MUH, Room no. 15

d)     OBG -Procedure room- Room no.18 (a)- for Nutool , Farzajah , Hummol, and for internal examination of the patients. A Vedio Display Terminals (VDTs) is connected for practical training of Colposcopy

e)     OBG- Procedure room-Room No 18(b)- For Colposcopy along with Display monitor.



(Completed in 2021 of 6 month duration as PI)
An EMR project entitled: “Clinical Evaluation of a Unani formulation as adjunt therapy/ add-on therapy simultaneously with the Allopathic treatment (regimen specific) in the Covid – 19 pateints” has been sanctioned no F.No.S.14013/1/2020-Scheme (EMR), Govt. of India, M/O AYUSH is being conducting in JH.
Academic projects
Academic projects:Executed and Conducted many activities for academic development like Conference, Health camp, poster drafting competitions, e essay writing competitions on Women’s Day on “Reproductive and Child Health” funded by Dept of AYUSH, M/o Health and Family Welfare ,Government of India with a Grant of Rs 2 Lacks. 
Minor Project of HNF
Minor project entitled” To study the effectiveness of topical application of Roghan-e-Baboona&Self Instructional Module S.I.M on postural exercises onQuality of Life of working women of Jamia Hamdard with Low Back ache”sponsored by  Hamdard National Foudation for a Period of six month. (Completed in 2007)
 In collaboration with department of Moalijaat :( Principal Investigator Dr Shakir Jamil) Evaluation of the Role of Formulation of Neuro-developmental disabilities, Sanctioned:  Dept. of ISM & H, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (completed)
In collaboration with department of Pharmaceutics :( Principal Investigator Dr Farhan Jalees Clinical evaluation of a standaradizedunani Medicine for the treatment of vaginal and Reproduction tract infections sanctioned by department of I.S.M. &H  M/o  H & FW G.O.I. (completed )
In collaboration with department of Pharmaceutics :( Principal Investigator Dr Farhan Jalees) Development and Evaluation of Some Herbal Drugs For Their Anti Arthritic Activity” sanctioned by CCRUM  department of AYUSH  G.O.I. Completed