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Welcome to Department of Amraz-e-Niswan Wa Qabalat

The department is a under graduate department of The School of Unani Medical Education and Research (SUMER). It caters the teaching of Amraz-e- Niswan wa Qabalat (Gynaecology and Obsetrics). Teaching Faculty is engaged in providing the consultancy in Majeedia Unani hospital in OPD and IPD.The department has established well-equipped diagnostic and therapeutic procedures facility for the management of various diseases. The procedures include Pap’s smear, HVS, Natool, Aabzan Hamool, Furzaja, Bakhoor, Takmeed, Hijamah, Amal-e-Kaiee (Cautrisation), leeching, Mehbali nazar beeni  and other Ilaj bit Tadeer. The department also caters the practical training through various newer pedagogy like with the help of Audio Visual aids, Demonstration through Simulators and Education Material/ Self Instructional Module and Bed Side demonstration. The students are encouraged for hands on training on different diagnostic cum Therapeutics procedures in clinical lab. Evidence based clinical research is the essential part of the department.