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Welcome to Department of Centre for Clinical and Translational Research



School of Chemical and Life Sciences


1. Introduction

The Centre was established in the year 2009 with the objective to train human resources in clinical research. In the year 2012 activities of the Centre were expanded by including components of translational research. The Centre envisages imparting theory and practical training in all aspects of clinical research and clinical trials. It provides opportunities to young aspirants desirous of pursuing a career in expanding the healthcare sector in India and abroad. According to industry sources, the clinical research industry in India will require a large number of professionals trained in various aspects of clinical research in the coming years. The importance of clinical research has got recognition in recent years due to commendable growth in the domestic pharma industry. Global pharma giants have shown interest to conduct clinical trials in India. Moreover, several Contract Research Organisations (CROs) have been set up in India. These organizations provide support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis. In view of all these developments demand for clinical research professionals in India is expected to grow exponentially. Therefore, personnel involved in clinical research needs training in Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and ethics.

 2. Vision and Mission

 Our vision at Jamia Hamdard is to build world-class capacity for the growing needs of the clinical research industry. We are committed to enriching students with minute details of the clinical trial, to become the future leaders in the clinical research industry.

 Our mission is:

 Clinical Research and Training

  • CTCR will endeavour to organise clinical evaluation of experimental and approved therapies in various clinical settings
  • CTCR will train desired healthcare professionals on conducting clinical trials as per Good Clinical Practices. Extensive training in New Drugs and Clinical trial rules 2019 will also be provided by the centre to the desired healthcare professionals

Disease Biology Research

  • The research activities of the Centre always have relevance with respect to the treatment and health technology assessment of the diseases like cancer, dementia, diabetes etc.
  • The futuristic approach is to strengthen the current as well as prospective collaboration with industry and hospitals to bring projects from funding agencies.


Evidence based medicine

  • CTCR will endeavour to establish a partnership with major hospitals to conduct their therapeutic audit and evaluate the translation of clinical research findings to patient care.
  • CTCR will train healthcare professionals and transmit the skill of therapeutic audit and generate tools to evaluate the implementation of clinical research findings.

Network Meta-analysis (NMA)

  • Centre will be focussing on the conduction and publication of NMA as this field is currently unexplored in INDIA. It will help national and international policymakers.

 3. Academic Programmes

 B.Sc. (Hons.) Clinical Research

M.Sc. Clinical Research

Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Sciences

 4. Faculty Members

 Dr. Nilanjan Saha, Professor

Dr. Nidhi, Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohd Ashif Khan, Assistant Professor

Dr. Rizwana Praveen, Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor (Contractual)

 5. Infrastructure

The centre has two classrooms for postgraduate classes and two laboratories, one each for graduate and postgraduate students respectively. The classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector, whiteboard, and a podium (LT1). The laboratory has equipment related to pharmacology and clinical research viz., electroconvulsiometer, actophotometer, rota rod, Cooke’s pole climb apparatus, Eddy’s hot plate for animal experiments and BIOPAC data acquisition system for assessment in volunteers.

6. Research

Our key thrust areas for research include:

  • Efficacy and safety studies of drugs
  • Conduct different phases of clinical trials and Bioequivalence studies
  • Neurological and neurobehavioural disorder mechanisms and repurposing drugs
  • Neurobehavioural and quality of life assessment in observational clinical studies in diabetes and cancer patients
  • Meta-analysis and systematic reviews on various diseases, Behavioural studies in cancer patients, and current therapeutics and diseases
  • Nanoformulations against skin cancers

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