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Welcome to Department of Department of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Mgt.

Department of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Vision Statement:

  • To be the nation's and the world's premier healthcare and pharmaceutical management programs, contributing to the transformation of the healthcare business and its related management in the pursuit of population health through the development of transformational healthcare leaders and managers.

Mission Statements:

Develop leaders and managers with a strong focus on human elements of healthcare in order to improve the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, and pursue human capital across the country and beyond. Our comprehensive and integrated curriculum is designed for students in their early careers with a range of diverse backgrounds. Graduates will be able to exhibit knowledge expansion, competency development, and practical skills in the management of health-related enterprises, as well as a grasp of domestic and global public policy.

MS1:To transform health care and pharmaceutical management education to overcome the limitations of Indian health care systems.

MS2: Improvement in the standards of health care systems through excellent teaching, training and research.                               

MS3: To ensure capacity building of healthcare and pharmaceutical management professionals through comprehensive teaching, research and training programs.

MS4: To support the personal and professional development of young and talented minds through effective management principles and preparing professionals for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and allied consulting research sector.

MS5: To connect and collaborate with healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals, organizations and professional bodies to improve health care management and enable to get the best of collective learning, expertise and resources for fulfilling the quality management objectives in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Goals of the Department

  • Educate health practitioners, managers, administrators, researchers, trainers, and educators to be more inventive and effective.
  • Facilitate active learning in the classroom, on the job, and through experiential training.
  • Teaching, training, and research in the health sciences advance knowledge.
  • Participate in the creation and implementation of health-related policies and programs.
  • Construct and nurture community collaborations that connect health knowledge and practice.
  • Collaborate with governmental agencies and other partners on research, training, and service activities.