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Welcome to Department of Occupational Therapy


Department of Occupational Therapy 

Vision Statement :

The Vision of Occupational therapy Department is to nurture students into skilled and competent professionals, to meet the needs of diverse and global society and to promote healthy wellbeing and participate in meaning full activities and occupation by advance area of knowledge.

Mission statement:

  • To emphasis experiential learning, evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning in students.
  • To encourage high Quality research, imparting impactful teaching, research and industrial interaction to promote necessary competencies in students.
  • To promote ethical and value based professional behaviour among students.
  • Fostering collaborative engagement and service that extend beyond campus to include local and global community.


Courses Offered:

1. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

2. Master of Occupational Therapy – Paediatrics

3. Master of Occupational Therapy – Musculoskeletal

4. Ph.D. Rehabilitation Sciences

5. Ph.D. Occupational Therapy

Teaching Faculty 

Dr.Ruchi Nagar Buckshee, M.Sc. (Occupational Therapy), Head & Associate Professor

Ms. Rashida Begum, MOT, Associate Professor

Ms. Shubha Arora, MOT, Assistant Professor

Mr. Noor Mohd.  Assistant Professor

Ms. Nazia Ali, MOT, Assistant Professor

Ms. Saba Aziz,  Assistant Professor

Ms. Sheeba Parveen, Assistant Professor

Ms. Deepshikha Gupta, Assistant Professor