Faculty of Pharmacy

A College of Pharmacy with diploma course was established in 1972 which was affiliated to the Delhi Board of Technical Education. In 1973, B.Pharm. course was started under Delhi University. In 1982, M.Pharm. in Pharmacognosy was started. From 1986 M.Pharm programme in all the four disciplines and simultaneously a Ph.D. programme in all the disciplines was started. Earlier the intake for B.Pharm. was 40 which was enhanced to 60 with the approval of AICTE in 1996. From 1997 self financing B.Pharm. course was started with 60 seats. In collaboration with Ranbaxy Laboratories, department of Pharmaceutical Medicine was started in 1999 for Ph.D. programme in this discipline. It is a unique programme of its own kind in our country.



The Faculty consists of the following departments:

M. Pharmacy (Quality Assurance)

Department of Pharmaceutics of Faculty of Pharmacy has started M. Pharmacy course in Quality Assurance from the Academic session 2002-2003, with the approval of University Grants Commission. The course covers the contemporary topics related to:

Product Development and Formulation


Quality Management and Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals.

The Course is of four semester duration (2 years) out of which 2 semesters will cover the course work and the last two semesters will be devoted to research project and training in a Pharmaceutical Industry. The students qualifying this course will meet the current and future requirements of R&D personnel from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

M. Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice)

Department of Pharmacology has started a P.G. Course in Pharmacy Practice. The course is being run in Collaboration with Majeedia Hospital and will be of four semester duration (2 years), out of which 2 semesters will cover up the course work and another two semesters will be devoted to research project and training to be undertaken in a Hospital. The new course has been established in Majeedia Hospital and the facilities of Drug Information Services have already been created. Two clinicians from Majeedia Hospital from are associated with this course. The department publishes a bimonthly newsletter on the topics of current drug information.

M. Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

A PG course (M.Pharm) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology has been started by the Department of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry from the academic session beginning 2004. The course is approved by the University Grants Commission and is of four semester duration (2 years). The first two semesters comprises of course work on topics related to Biomolecular structure, functions and related techniques including bioinformatic tools and genetic engineering, Molecular Biology covering drug design, DNA technology and gene therapy and the applications of pharmaceutical biotechnology.

The last two semesters will be devoted to research project and training. The course offers a tremendous potential for growth and job opportunities in R & D, Bioinformatics and Production in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Central Instrumentation Facility


The Faculty offers Masters’ course in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) of three semester duration; Bachelor course in Pharmacy (B. Pharm/B.Pharm(Unani)) of four year duration; Diploma course in Pharmacy (D. Pharm/D.Pharm(Unani)) of two year duration as well as Ph.D. programme in all the Departments.


The Faculty lays emphasis on integrated research approach on modern and indigenous drugs and formulations. The thrust areas of investigation in the four departments are as under:

Research Pharmaceutics

There is a planned programme of product development including sustained release medication, controlled drug delivery systems, aerosols and formulation and evaluating of polyherbal products. The specific area of research are drug targeting, ocular inserts, transdermal drug delivery system, iontophoresis herbal formulation and prodrugs. The department is also undertaking academia- industry collaboration projects with Ranbaxy Research Laboratories and other pharmaceutical industries.


The department conducts research in the areas of Neuro-pharmacology, evaluation of medicinal agents and dosage forms with particular reference to indigenous drugs, potassium-channel opener and calcium-channel blockers and drugs acting on CVS. Besides this research in the area of Pharmacokinetics and Biochemical Pharmacology are also carried out.

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemsitry

The main areas of research include isolation, identification and evaluation of constituents of natural drugs, plant tissue culture and its applications.

Pharmaceutical Medicine

The main areas of research include clinical pharmacology and clinical pharmacokinetics.

A Unique programme in Pharmaceutical Medicine has been established with the financial support of the Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. for training candidates with Masters degree in Pharmacology for Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

A grant of Rs. 10.00/- Lakhs for a duration of 5 years under the R & D scheme has been sanctioned by AICTE for the project Titled “DEVELOPMENT OF VALIDATED PROCESS FOR EXTRACTION AND ISOLATION OF FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS FROM SHILAJIT & THEIR EVALUATION IN DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT” under the supervision of Prof. S.P. Agarwal.