Department of Islamic Studies


Main thrust of research in the Department is in the areas which have relevance to the problem faced by the contemporary Muslim world with special reference to the Indian Muslims; Causes of decline of Muslims in and outside India; Issues related to misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims; the impact of Islam on India and vice-versa; Contribution of Muslim Indian scholars, noblemen and Sufi during the medieval and Sultanate period; Development and appraisal of Madrasa Education, Tasawwuf and its impact. Translations of the outstanding works by Muslims scholars. Qanoon-fil-Tib, has also been taken up.

The following projects have been successfully completed:

  • Biography of the famous Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki, which highlights the impact of Sufi Imdad Ullah on Indian Sufi and Scholars as well as his contribution in the freedom struggle of 1857
  • Religion and socio-political changes in Saudi Arabia, (social reforms of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi,)
  • Perception of Islam in the writings and speeches of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  • Bibliography of the research work conducted in the area of Islam and Muslims during 1857 to 1990
  • Hindus’ religious position during Sultanate period in India.

Beside these, an UGC supported project on the “Shumali Hind mein Silsile-e-Qadriya: Aghaz we Irtiqa” is under progress. Another very important achievement of this faculty has been the editing and translation of Al-Qanun filtib – a classical work of physician and scholars Ibne Sina (Avicena) which is an Arabic text available in four volumes. One volume has been edited and printed. The second volume is in press. Work on third volume is presently going on. Several new research topics have been assigned to the faculty members of the department. “The contribution of Ulemas in the Freedom Struggle with Special Reference to UP”. “Hazrat Shah Naeem Ata: Life and Works”. “Educational Problem of Indian Muslims and their solutions in the light of Islamic teaching”. “Western Perceptions of Islamic Fundamentalism – A Comparative Study of John Esposito, Fred Holiday and Samuel Huntington”. “Status of Women in its philosophical Perspective with Special Reference to Islam and Hinduism”, “Study on Madarsa Education”. At present, four Ph.D students are enrolled for research.


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  • Ajmer through Inscriptions (1532-1852) , 1968, S.A.I. Tirmizi
  • History of Bijnor ,1974, B.C.Verma
  • Islam at a glance ,1981, Hakeem Abdul Hameed
  • Kitab Marsum al-Khat ,1982 , Arabic text, Edited by – I.A.K. Arshi
  • Love in it’s Essence , 1967, M. Waliuddin
  • Monuments of Delhi , A Historical Study , 1979, R. Nath
  • Muhammad and the Jews , Re-examination ,1979, Barkat Ahmad
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