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Welcome to Department of Tashreeh


Vision and Mission:

Department of Tashreeh (Anatomy) is one of the Most important Foundational subject of Medical and Allied health sciences to give a strong and applied understanding of structural orientation of the Human Body. The Department with its resources and tools available, enriches the students with knowledge to apply the subject in their clinical and applied practice of pathology, surgery and Medicine etc. Department has a vision to club with other institutions and faculties in and outside the institution to exchange the knowledge in the  subject as well open avenues in collaborative research with a vision to start the Post Graduation (MD/MS) in the department in near future.  Department is pledged to amalgamate the traditional and conventional knowledge and inculcate the rational and research aptitude amongst the students to nurture and fulfil the approach of our Founder late Hakim Abdul Hameed sab, who dreamt to rationally look into traditional treatise in realm of scientific and rational inundations which can benefit the Humanity and ailed- Hamdard: Empathy for all.

We are here to pace with the neo Education Policy 2020,MOOCS learning and credit based learning in near future which will explore the newer and meaning full horizon of learning and knowledge to our stakeholders and learners of Unani tibb