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Welcome to Department of Ilmul Saidla




Ilmul Saidla (Unani Pharmacy) is one of the most important branches in Unani System of Medicine, which deals with comprehensive understanding of drugs, including identification, procurement, processing, preparation and their therapeutic application. This sub discipline is entirely devoted to the formulation of Unani dosage forms. The department teaches Ilmul Saidla (Unani Pharmaceutics) and Murakkabat (Unani Compound Formulations) subjects in Ist & IInd year and 3rd year of Diploma Unani Pharmacy and BUMS respectively.

Knowledge of Unani pharmacy encompasses field identification of medicinal plants and other natural substances, collection and storage procedures of raw materials, preliminary processing of raw drugs, elaborate and sophisticated methods of pharmaceutical processing and preservation of prepared medicines. In keeping with tradition, this department gives shape to the future young Unani physicians who will not only prescribe finished medicines but will also be capable of formulating and preparing medicines according to the specific needs of a patient.

Department has a Dawasazi Lab (Unani Pharmacy Lab) which is well equipped with various classical as well as modern pharmaceutical equipments like granulator, tablet punching machine, tablet coating machine, arq distillation apparatus, muffle furnace, analytical sieve shaker, ball mill, planetary mixer, disintegrator, hot air oven, capsule filling machine, fluidized bed dryer, standard sieves etc. Department also arrange visits to various G.M.P. approved Unani pharmaceutical companies, quality control units and R & D centers.

The thrust areas of research of the department are evaluation of pharmacopeial compound formulation, SOPs, Standardization & quality control of Unani compound formulations, Stability studies and shelf-life determination of Unani formulations, Dosage form modification and new drug development.


Vision Statement: 

To produce experts in the field of Unani Pharmacy & Kushtasazi for teaching, training, and research. So that the challenges in the field of Unani Pharmaceutics especially about standardization & Quality control of Unani formulations will meet world expectations.

Mission Statements:

  • Transferring the Art and knowledge of Dawasazi (Unani Pharmacy) in all aspects. 
  • To enable the graduates to prepare quality formulations for their own patients in their clinical setups. 
  • To develop skills for the establishment of Unani pharmaceutical industry. 
  • To produce trained and qualified Attars/Unani pharmacist. 



Department of Ilmul Saidla have a well-equipped Dawasazi Laboratory which is being used for practical and teaching purpose of the students of Diploma Unani Pharmacy, BUMS and MD (Ilmul Advia).

Some of the important Instruments/equipment available at Dawasazi Lab:


Name of Equipment


Distillation Apparatus




Hot Air Oven


Grinding Mill


Fluid bed dryers


Tray dryers                            


Muffle furnace                                   


Edge runner mill


Ball mill                                                         


Single punch tablet machine                                     


R&D Tablet Press 8 Station


Digital Refractometer for Refractive Index and Brix


Stability Chamber (Ref. Humidity Cabinet)


Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus


Dissolution Rate Test Equipment


Tapped Bulk Density Apparatus


Microprocessor based Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


Capsule filling machine                               


Planetary mixture                                           


Double cone blender                          


Electronic Balance


Soxhlet extractor


Water bath


R & D coater                                                    



  • Although the department of Ilmul Saidla is a UG department, but the faculty members of the department are actively involved in research activities. Faculty members are engaged in assisting and guiding MD Ilmul Advia students in their research work as their co-supervisors.
  • Facilities of department’s lab have also been utilized by MD students and research scholars of other departments of Jamia Hamdard.
  • Teachers of the department have number of publications in various peer reviewed and UGC approved reputed journals.
  • Publications can be found at the following links:



  • Student’s visits to the leading Unani pharmaceutical industries have been arranged by the department on regular basis. So that the students get familiar with the large-scale manufacturing of Unani drugs.



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