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Welcome to Department of Chemistry

The mission of the Department is to provide knowledge in Chemistry that offers opportunities for a high quality and comprehensive learning experience for students. The Department offers a M. Sc. programme in Chemistry with the option of specialization in Organic Chemistry.   The M. Sc. Students are assigned intensive project assignments on topics of current research interest in the fourth semester.  The Department is also offering B.Sc.-M.Sc. Integrated program with an exit option of B.Sc. Hons in Chemistry.  The students are exposed to sophisticated instrumental techniques such as UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR, UP-LC MS, Nano-LC MS and confocal microscopy during the practicals and their project work.   The exposure gives them the idea of high quality research in their budding stage itself. With WiFi facility in the department and hostels, the students have access to internet, most of research journals and e-contents round the clock.

With expertise distributed over different areas in Chemistry highly qualified faculty are engaged in teaching and research.  Students are prepared for competitive examinations including NET.  It helps students for employment in reputed pharmaceutical companies like Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Jubilant Organosys, Glenmark, Wockhardt, Rexin, Indian Oil and other allied industries in addition to placement in universities colleges for teaching and research institutions for doctoral & postdoctoral scientist positions. The Department also offers a programme in PG Diploma in Chemoinformatics under Open and Distance Learning mode.

The thrust areas of research of the Department are:

• Natural Products Chemistry

• Medicinal Chemistry

o Anticancer agents & anti-inflammatory agents

o Anti-hyperglycemic agents

o Antimicrobials (anti-tubercular, anti-leishmanial etc.)

• Nanosynthesis and Drug Delivery

• Nanocomposites of carbon nanotubes, graphene, catalysis and Hydrogen evolution

• Gadolinium (III)-oligopeptides and anticancer activity


The competent chemistry faculty has reputation in the above mentioned areas of research with publications in standard research journals of decent impact factors such as American Chemical Society journals, Wiley interscience and Royal Society of Chemistry. The faculty is mainly working in the area of medicinal chemistry viz., synthesis of natural products, small molecular high affinity ligands, gadolinium(III)-peptides and evaluation of antidiabetic and anticancer activities. Ethnopharmacological investigations of rare plant extracts are also carried out in order to identify new drug candidates from nature. Polymer based nanomedicines composites of carbon nanotubes, their delivery to the tumor targets and to the brain with the vision of curing neurological disorders is another focus of research in the department of Chemistry.

Diversity oriented synthesis of natural products inspired bioactive ligands as tubulin inhibitors, GSK-3-inhibitors, aldose reductase inhibitors, anti-hypoglycemic agents and antimicrobials another frontier areas in the Chemistry department. The Chemistry faculty is also engaged in the synthesis of novel iron-sulfur cubane type clusters which are found in the active sites of hydrogenases and their composites with carbon nanotubes and graphene. These catalytic materials are evaluated for their catalytic activity for hydrogen gas evolution which is considered as an environmentally clean and alternative fuel.

Research projects in the department are sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology for example, DST-EMR and DST-Fast Track.  Funds for research have also been received from funding agencies like Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) and University Grant Commission (UGC).  The University is also funding the faculty through Research Promotion Grants for the beginners.