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Welcome to Department of Pharmaceutics

The department provides two postgraduate courses M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) and M. Pharmacy (Quality Assurance). These courses are of four-semester duration (2 years) out of which 2 semesters cover the course work and the last two semesters are devoted to research project and training in a Pharmaceutical Industry. The department also provides Ph. D. programme in Pharmaceutics. The Ph. D. scholars are funded by various funding agencies in the form of projects or fellowships. The students qualifying this course meet the current and future requirements of R&D personnel of the Pharmaceutical Industry, academia, regulatory and marketing.

The department comprises of 11 teachers (One Professor, two Associate Professors & Eight Assistant Professors) and nine non-teaching staff members. The department lays emphasis on integrated research approach on modern and indigenous drugs and their formulations. There is a planned programme of product development in the area of novel drug delivery systems with emphasis on nanomedicine.

The staff members of the Department have been bestowed with several prestigious National & international awards and honours namely AICTE Career Award, UGC Research Award, AAiPS Pharmaceutical Educator and Researcher Award, APTI Pharmacy Teacher & Young Pharmacy Teacher Award, DST Young Scientist Award and BOYSCAST Fellowship.